Moon, Claire

Dr Claire Moon  


Position held

Centre for the Study of Human Rights

Department of Sociology

Associate Professor in the Sociology of Human Rights

Experience keywords:

socio-legal studies; social constructivism; post-conflict reconciliation; discourse and narrative theories; truth commissions; atrocities; transitional justice; forgiveness; political apologies; reparations; war trauma; South Africa; therapy

Countries and regions to which research relates:

South Africa; Sudan


Arabic [Spoken: Basic, Written: Basic]; Spanish [Spoken: Intermediate, Written: Intermediate]

Contact Points


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Moon, Claire (2013) 'Looking without seeing, listening without hearing': Cohen, denial and human rights Crime, Media, Culture, 9 (2). 193-196. ISSN 1741-6590

Moon, Claire (2013) Interpreters of the dead: forensic knowledge, human remains and the politics of the past Social and Legal Studies, 22 (2). 149-169. ISSN 0964-6639

Moon, Claire (2013) Interpreters of the dead: forensic knowledge, human remains, and the politics of the past Social and Legal Studies, 22 (2). 149-169. ISSN 0964-6639

Moon, Claire (2013) Money as the measure of man: values and value in the politics of reparation In: Cowburn, Malcolm and Duggan, Marian and Robinson, Anne and Senior, Paul, (eds.) Values in Criminology and Community Justice. Policy Press , Bristol, UK, 255-272. ISBN 9781447300359


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Moon, Claire (2010) The British Journal of Sociology in the 1990s: disintegration and disarray? British Journal of Sociology, 61. 261-269. ISSN 0007-1315

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Moon, Claire (2008) Narrating political reconciliation: South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Lexington Books, Lanham. ISBN 9780739121276


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Moon, Claire (2006) Narrating political reconciliation: South Africa Social and Legal Studies, 15 (2). 257-275. ISSN 0964-6639

Moon, Claire (2006) Reconciliation as therapy and compensation: a critical analysis In: Veitch, Scott, (ed.) Law and the Politics of Reconciliation. The Edinburgh Centre for Law and Society. Ashgate, Aldershot, UK, 163-184. ISBN 9780754649243


Moon, Claire (2004) Prelapsarian state: forgiveness and reconciliation in transitional justice International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 17 (2). 185-197. ISSN 0952-8059


Moon, Claire (2002) From separation to interpenetration: a response to Eyal Weizman Opendemocracy: Free Thinking for the World (10 Jul 2002) other

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Narrating Political Reconciliation investigates the discourse of reconciliation that shaped South Africa's social and political transition from the conflicts that characterized apartheid rule

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