Friese, Carrie

Dr Carrie Friese  


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Lecturer in the Sociology of the Life Sciences and Biomedicine


Experience keywords:

animals in science and society; assisted reproductive technologies and cloning; health, illness and biomedicine

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My principal research interests are in reproduction, genetics, medical technologies and animal in bioscience, biomedicine, and society. I explore these topics at the intersections of medical sociology and science and technology studies. My previous research focused on the use of assisted reproductive technologies for human reproduction in the context of infertility. My recent research has shifted the analytic gaze to explore the development of somatic cell nuclear transfer for species preservation in the context of biomedical research and the changing terrain of zoological parks. I am currently initiating two new research projects. One explores genetic disease and corresponding technologies from a sociological perspective, focusing on severe combined immune deficiency or what is more commonly known as "the bubble boy disease". The other explores the role of animal husbandry in the life sciences and biomedicine.

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Friese, Carrie and Becker, Gay and Nachtigall, Robert D. (2006) Rethinking the biological clock: eleventh-hour moms, miracle moms and meanings of age-related infertility Social Science and Medicine, 63 (6). 1550-1560. ISSN 0277-9536

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A unique study uniting sociology and the study of science and technology, Cloning Wild Life demonstrates just how much bioscience reproduces and changes our ideas about the meaning of life itself.

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Illinois Distinguished Dissertation Award, International Association of Qualitative Inquiry (2009); Anselm Strauss Special Award for Distinguished Qualitative Dissertation, UCSF (2007)

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