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Wi-Fi; broadband; community; design; information and communication technologies; innovation; innovation; internet; media futures; mobile and wireless media; new media; participation; wireless

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I study user innovation in new media systems, as well as how users and pro-sumers contribute to new media policy. I am interested in the future of internet and mobile media systems, especially the interactions between systems, users and designers. I have undertaken consulting work related to broadband access, net neutrality, alternative wireless and mobile infrastructures, and am a member of the European Network of Excellence on Internet Science.

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Creative Industries and Culture; Information Technology; Media Technology and New Media

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Canada; France; North America; Quebec; UK; United States; Western Europe


French [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream press; Radio

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