Tuckett, Anna

Dr Anna Tuckett  


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Experience keywords:

Italy; bureaucracy; documents; illegality; law; legal anthropology; migration; political anthropology; the state

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Dr Anna Tuckett received her PhD in Anthropology from LSE in 2014. She specialises in migration, law, advice and the state. Her PhD was an ethnographic study of migrants' everyday experiences of Italian immigration and bureaucracy. Her work has been funded by the ESRC and Newby Trust. Anna’s next project is concerned with cuts to legal aid, and its implications for immigration advice in the UK. She has recently been awarded an ESRC grant as part of a larger research team led by Professor Deborah James at LSE. The overall project will examine how the withdrawal of public funding from the advice sector is reconfiguring relations between the market, society and the welfare state in the UK and Europe. Anna has also conducted applied research. In 2014 she was commissioned to lead and conduct an ethnographic research project to understand LSE Library users' behaviour. In 2012, on behalf of the Sentencing Council, she conducted research with Crown Court Judges for the drafting of the new Sexual Offences Sentencing Guidelines. Anna has taught courses on Political and Legal Anthropology, Theory and Ethnography and Personhood. She is currently an LSE100 Fellow and co-designed the module on Crime and Punishment.

Countries and regions to which research relates:

Italy; UK


Italian [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

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Tuckett, Anna (2018) Ethical brokerage and self-fashioning in Italian immigration bureaucracy Critique of Anthropology, 38 (4). ISSN 0308-275X (In Press)


Tuckett, Anna (2017) ‘The island is full. Please don't come’: narratives of austerity and migration in a UK citizenship class Anthropology Today, 33 (5). 24-27. ISSN 0268-540X


Tuckett, Anna (2016) Moving on: Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, 2016 (76). ISSN 0920-1297


Tuckett, Anna (2015) Strategies of navigation: migrants' everyday encounters with Italian immigration bureaucracy Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 33 (1). 113-128. ISSN 0305-7674

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