Myrskylä, Mikko

Professor Mikko Myrskylä  


Position held

Department of Social Policy

Professor of Demography

Experience keywords:

fertility trends; demographic forecasting; population health

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My research interests include population health, low and late fertility, and demographic forecasting. I chair the IUSSP research panel Pathways to Health that focuses on the mechanism through which adverse early life conditions influence old-age health and I have an ERC starting grant to study the consequences of fertility postponement on offspring outcomes such as cognitive ability, health, and mortality. I also work on fertility forecasting and the effects of children on parental happiness.

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+44 (0) 207 955 6646


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Elo, Irma T. and Martikainen, Pekka and Myrskylä, Mikko (2013) Socioeconomic status across the life course and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Finland Social Science and Medicine, online. ISSN 0277-9536

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Myrskylä, Mikko (2007) Generalised regression estimation for domain class frequencies Research Reports, 247. Statistics Finland, Helsinki, Finland. ISBN 9789524677127

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