Powell, Justin

Dr Justin Powell  


Position held

Department of Social Policy

TH Marshall Fellow

Non LSE positions held


Position held

Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB)

Senior Research Fellow

Experience keywords:

social inequality; disability; vocational training; education; disadvantage; special educational needs; higher education

Sectors and industries to which research relates:

Creative Industries and CulturePolicy and Regulatory BodiesPublic Administration

Countries and regions to which research relates:

EU; US; UK; Switzerland; France; Austria; Germany


German [Spoken: Fluent, Written: Fluent]

Media experience:

Has written for mainstream pressRadio

Contact Points

LSE phone number:

+44 (0)20 7955 6744


LSE Research Online, Funnelback Search

Powell, Justin J. W. and Solga, Heike (2010) Analyzing the nexus of higher education and vocational training in Europe: a comparative-institutional framework Studies in Higher Education, 35 (6). 705-721. ISSN 0307-5079


Powell, Justin J. W. (2009) To segregate or to separate?: special education expansion and divergence in the United States and Germany Comparative Education Review, 53 (2). 161-187. ISSN 0010-4086

Solga, Heike and Powell, Justin J. W. and Berger, Peter A., eds (2009) Soziale Ungleichheit: Klassische Texte zur Sozialstrukturanalyse Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany. ISBN 9783593388472


Powell, Justin J. W. and Felkendorff, Kai and Hollenweger, Judith (2008) Disability in the German, Swiss, and Austrian higher education systems In: Gabel, Susan L. and Danforth, Scot, (eds.) Disability and the Politics of Education: an International Reader. Peter Lang Publishing Group, New York, USA, 517-540. ISBN 9780820488950


Ben-Moshe, Liat and Powell, Justin J. W. (2007) Sign of our times?: revis(it)ing the international symbol of access Disability and Society, 22 (5). 489-505. ISSN 0968-7599


Powell, Justin J. W. (2006) Special education and the risk of becoming less educated European Societies, 8 (4). 577-599. ISSN 1461-6696

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