Expert Image Dr Rebecca Bryant
European Institute
Experience keywords: forced migration in the eastern Mediterranean, Ethnic conflict and displacement, borders and sovereignty, gender and the state, political culture in Southeast Europe, post-conflict reconciliation, transitional justice

Expert Image Dr Rachel Ibreck
Department of International Development, Justice and Security Research Programme
Experience keywords: civil society, ethnic conflict, genocide, peace building, political violence, politics in sub-Saharan Africa, transitional justice, transnational human rights activism

Expert Image Dr Andrew Jillions
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Counter-terrorism, Global Constitutionalism, Human Rights, International Intervention, International Political Theory, Politics of International Law, Transitional Justice

Expert Image Dr Anna Macdonald
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: community-based responses to violence and accountability, humanitarianism, international criminal law, law and social order in central Africa, transitional justice

Expert Image Dr Claire Moon
Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: South Africa, atrocities, discourse and narrative theories, forgiveness, political apologies, post-conflict reconciliation, reparations, social constructivism, socio-legal studies, therapy, transitional justice, truth commissions, war trauma

Expert Image Dr Noam Schimmel
LSE Health
Experience keywords: Rwanda, communication and human rights, development and human rights, ethics and politics of human rights, global governance, healthcare and human rights, human rights and welfare of genocide survivors. , human rights, humanitarian aid, international human rights law, politics and the United Nations, reparative justice, transitional justice

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