Expert Image Professor Emeritus Ian Angell
Department of Management
Experience keywords: anti-money laundering, bureaucracy, complexity, computer security, creative commons, global consequences of ICT, information systems management, internet business, motivation, national information technology strategies, new technology, strategic information systems

Expert Image Professor Martin W Bauer
Department of Methodology, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: Eurobarometer surveys, activity theory, bemetology, biotechnology, communication, computer assisted text analysis, content analysis, experience sampling, genomics, job design, media monitoring, motivation, nuclear power, public understanding of science, resistance to change, risk perception, social representations, stress

Expert Image Dr Heather Kappes
Department of Management
Experience keywords: consumer behaviour, daydreams, fantasies, goal pursuit, goals, imagination, mental simulation, motivation, optimism, positive thinking, self-discipline, self-regulation, visualization

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