Expert Image Professor Chris Brown
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: British foreign policy, US foreign policy, ethics, global politics, globalisation, social justice, war crimes, war

Expert Image Dr Swati Dhingra
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), Department of Economics
Experience keywords: globalisation, industrial development, industrial policy, international trade and investment, trade policy

Expert Image Dr Robert Falkner
Department of International Relations, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, TRIUM Global Executive MBA Programme
Experience keywords: biotechnology regulation, trade policy, risk regulation, multinationals in world politics, sustainable development, World Trade Organisation, globalisation, global environmental politics, global and international governance

Expert Image Dr Justin Gest
Migration Studies Unit (Department of Government)
Experience keywords: Islam, Muslims in the West, citizenship, civic engagement, extremism, globalisation, identity politics, integration, migration, participation, terrorism

Expert Image Professor Eric Neumayer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: conflict, economic development, environment, evidence-based public policy, globalisation, human development, migration, quantitative methods, sustainable development, violence

Expert Image Dr Shani Orgad
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: gender and media, globalisation, health communication, internet, media representations, mobile television, narrative, research methods

Expert Image Professor Diane Perrons
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: economic crises, gender, globalisation, inequality, labour markets, care and social reproduction, regional development and social sustainability

Expert Image Professor Terhi Rantanen
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: global media, globalisation, media and democracy, media history, news, transitional media

Expert Image Dr Stephanie Rickard
Department of Government
Experience keywords: International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization (WTO), globalisation, government procurement, government spending, industrial policy, international organizations, political economy, trade policy

Expert Image Mr Julius Sen
International Trade Policy Unit, LSE Enterprise
Experience keywords: India: political management of economic reform, WTO, debt and policy reform, developing countries, developing country coalitions in trade negotiations, developing country issues: developing countries in the international system, dispute settlement, domestic and state policy issues in all areas of government, domestic trade policy making, globalisation, international economic management, political economy of economic reform, regional issues, regional trade agreements, regulatory issues in international trade: trade policy capacity building, trade and investment, trade policy issues: international and regional

Expert Image Professor Michael Storper
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Cities and regions, Economic development, Economic geography, Globalisation, Technological change

Expert Image Professor Fran Tonkiss
Cities Programme, Department of Sociology, LSE Cities
Experience keywords: cities and space, globalisation, public space, trust and social capital, urban economy, urban social divisions

Expert Image Professor Robert Wade
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: East Asian development, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, economic growth, globalisation, industrial and technology policy, inequality, international NGOs, international environmental politics, multilateral economic organisations

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