Expert Image Dr Will Bartlett
European Institute
Experience keywords: Roma, South East Europe, Western Balkans, decentralisation, economic development, health system reforms, post-communist transition, skills, social exclusion, vocational education, welfare state

Expert Image Professor Catherine Boone
Department of Government, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, Comparative politics, Political Science, economic development, institutions, property rights

Expert Image Professor Francesco Caselli
Department of Economics
Experience keywords: economic development, economic growth, economics and politics

Expert Image Dr Andrea Colantonio
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), LSE Cities
Experience keywords: economic development, social impact assessment, social sustainability, sustainable urban development, urban economy, urban regeneration, urban studies, urban tourism

Expert Image Dr Leigh Gardner
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Africa, economic development, institutions, local government, monetary policy, public finance

Expert Image Dr Jason Hickel
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: African affairs, HIV/AIDS, agriculture, democracy, economic development, labour, liberalism, migration, political conflict, trade unions, violence, xenophobia

Expert Image Professor Janet Hunter
Department of Economic History, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)
Experience keywords: Anglo-Japanese relations, Japanese, communications history, Japan, disasters in Japan, economic development, economy, gender, history, modern Japan

Expert Image Dr Ethan Ilzetzki
Department of Economics
Experience keywords: development macroeconomics, economic development, fiscal policy, international finance, international financial institutions, international macroeconomics, macroeconomics

Expert Image Dr Guy Michaels
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), Department of Economics
Experience keywords: economic development, economic geography, labour economics

Expert Image Professor Eric Neumayer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: conflict, economic development, environment, evidence-based public policy, globalisation, human development, migration, quantitative methods, sustainable development, violence

Expert Image Professor Max-Stephan Schulze
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: 19th century, Austria, European economy, continental Europe, economic development, economic history

Expert Image Professor Michael Storper
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Cities and regions, Economic development, Economic geography, Globalisation, Technological change

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