Expert Image Professor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment, Gender Institute
Experience keywords: Costa Rica, Gambia, Latin America, Mexico, Philippines, developing countries, development, family, feminisation of poverty, gender, household livelihoods, households, housing, lone mother households, masculinities, men, migration, poverty, urban informal economy, urbanisation, youth

Expert Image Dr Martin Hearson
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: developing countries, foreign direct investment, global economic governance;, international taxation

Expert Image Ms Valentina Iemmi
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health and Social Care, Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)
Experience keywords: autism, developing countries, maternal health, mental disabilities, mental health economics, mental health policy, mental health, poverty, suicide

Expert Image Dr Sunil Kumar
Asia Research Centre, Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: NGO, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, comparative urban housing policies, construction labour, developing countries, human settlement development, human settlement planning, low income housing processes, low income private landlords, participation, skills development, social development, social housing, social policy, urban politics, urban poverty

Expert Image Dr Tiziana Leone
Department of International Development, LSE Health, Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: ageing, applied social statistics, demographic data, demography, developing countries, health policy, health systems, population studies, reproductive health

Expert Image Dr Philipa Mladovsky
Department of International Development, LSE Health
Experience keywords: European health systems, Ghana, India, Senegal, community health insurance, comparative health policy, developing countries, financial crisis, health financing, migrant health, social capital, social exclusion

Expert Image Dr Divya Parmar
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health and Social Care
Experience keywords: developing countries, economic evaluation, health insurance, health systems research, healthcare financing

Expert Image Mr Julius Sen
International Trade Policy Unit, LSE Enterprise
Experience keywords: India: political management of economic reform, WTO, debt and policy reform, developing countries, developing country coalitions in trade negotiations, developing country issues: developing countries in the international system, dispute settlement, domestic and state policy issues in all areas of government, domestic trade policy making, globalisation, international economic management, political economy of economic reform, regional issues, regional trade agreements, regulatory issues in international trade: trade policy capacity building, trade and investment, trade policy issues: international and regional

Expert Image Professor Ken Shadlen
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Latin America, World Trade Organization (WTO), business politics, debt and developing countries, democratisation, developing countries, industrial policy, intellectual property rights, international institutions, patents, pharmaceuticals, politics, trade and industrial strategy

Expert Image Ms Gemma Williams
LSE Health
Experience keywords: Health financing, developing countries, health inequalities, migrant health, social health protection

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