Expert Image Professor Patrick Dunleavy
Department of Government, Global Policy, LSE Public Policy Group, MPA Programme
Experience keywords: British constitution, British policy making, British politics, UK budget, US federal budget, comparative public administration, electoral reform, electoral systems, party competition, public choice, public policy

Expert Image Dr Jonathan Hopkin
Department of Government
Experience keywords: British politics, Southern European politics, inequality, political parties, redistribution, welfare states

Expert Image Professor Paul Kelly
Department of Government, Director's Management Team
Experience keywords: British policy making, British politics, egalitarian political systems, multiculturalism, social justice

Expert Image Dr Valentino Larcinese
Department of Government, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)
Experience keywords: British politics, MPs' expenses, economics of higher education, elections and party competition, mass media influence in elections, participation and electoral turnout, social spending in western democracies, taxation and redistribution, voting behaviour

Expert Image Dr Tim Oliver

Experience keywords: British defence policy, British foreign policy, British politics, European politics, European security, UK-EU relations, transatlantic relations

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