Expert Image Dr Tim Hochstrasser
Department of International History
Experience keywords: 18th century, Britain, European Enlightenment, France, Germany, early modern Europe, historiography, history of music, history of political and social thought, intellectual history

Expert Image Dr John Kent
Centre for International Studies, Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Britain, British Defence Policy, British foreign policy, France, Middle East, US foreign policy, cold war, decolonisation, diplomatic aspects, international aspects

Expert Image Professor Emeritus Lord Richard Layard
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), Department of Economics
Experience keywords: Britain, Russia, active labour market policy, economic problems, education, happiness/wellbeing, industrialised countries, inflation, mental health, training, unemployment benefits, unemployment policy, unemployment, wage behaviour

Expert Image Dr N Piers Ludlow
Department of International History, LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Britain, Europe, European integration, Western Europe, cold war history, history and development of the EU, transatlantic relations

Expert Image Dr Patrick Wallis
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Apprenticeship, Britain, Guilds, Human Capital, Medical History, Quakery, epidemics, medicine, plague, training

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