Dean, Hartley

Professor Hartley Dean  


Position held

Professor of Social Policy


Experience keywords:

discourses of welfare; poverty, human need and social justice; the survival strategies of marginalised social groups; welfare rights and citizenship

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Professor Dean, who has a professional background in welfare rights/advice work, is an expert on individual rights to social security and other kinds of welfare provision, including rights of appeal or complaint. His academic research has drawn primarily upon qualitative methods. His recent work has extended, on the one hand, to the investigation of people's everyday experiences of poverty, social exclusion and welfare intervention, and on the other to the ways in which people's understanding of human needs and social rights are socially and discursively constructed. While his empirical work has been UK focused, in much of his writing he has engaged with welfare rights issues in a broader global context. Professor Dean was formerly Co-Editor of the Journal of Social Policy.

Media experience:

Radio; TV

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+44 (0)20 7955 6184

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