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Expert ImageProfessor Nigel Ashton
Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Anglo-American relations; Middle East

Expert ImageDr David Cadier
LSE IDEAS; Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: EULEX Mission in Kosovo; transatlantic relations; foreign policy analysis; EU-Russia relations; EU external relations; European Neighborhood Policy; Central Europe

Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Michael Cox
Department of International Relations; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: special relationship; transatlantic relations; USA; Cold War; American power; international terrorism; 11 September

Expert ImageDr Antonio Giustozzi
Experience keywords: insurgency and counter-insurgency; ethnopolitics; ethnopolitics; civil wars; warlordism; Afghanistan; Afghanistan; failed states; civil wars; warlordism

Expert ImageDr Nicholas Kitchen
Experience keywords: US foreign policy; grand strategy; international system; neoclassical realism; American power; post-cold war

Expert ImageDr George Lawson
Department of International Relations; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Revolutions; Historical Sociology; Democratisation; International Relations Theory; Global Modernity; History and International Relations

Expert ImageProfessor Eve (Evangelia) Mitleton-Kelly
LSE IDEAS; LSE Enterprise; LSE Complexity Research Group
Experience keywords: network theory; redesigning an organisation; corporate governance & project governance; innovation; leadership; post merger integration; organisational learning; agent-based modelling; disaster risk reduction in West African States; IT legacy systems; energy & climate change; co-creating enabling infrastructures; relationship between IT professionals and strategists; socio-technical and cultural frameworks; complexity theory; sustainable development

Expert ImageDr Francisco Panizza
Department of Government; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: populism; Latin American Politics; politics and economy of the countries of Mercosur; politics and economic change; human rights; democracy; left of centre governments

Expert ImageProfessor Danny Quah
Department of Economics; LSE IDEAS; Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of International Development
Experience keywords: macroeconomics; income distribution; technology; economic growth; global economy; econometrics; income inequality

Expert ImageDr Svetozar Rajak
Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: socialism; Balkans; Cold War; communism; Eastern Europe; third world; non-alignment

Expert ImageProfessor O A Westad
Asia Research Centre; Department of International History; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: Chinese Communist Party; Russian foreign policy history; East Asian international history; Chinese foreign policy; cold war; third world revolutions

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