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Expert ImageMr Nick Byrne
Language Centre
Experience keywords: design theory; new technology; language centres; language teaching; broadcasting

Expert ImageDr Lijing Shi
Language Centre
Experience keywords: Language Teaching Pedagogy; Intercultural Communicative Competence; Research Methodology; Computer-assisted Language Teaching/Learning

Expert ImageDr Peter Skrandies
Language Centre
Experience keywords: German for academic purposes; translation studies; lexicology; German as a foreign language; applied linguistics; lexicography; sociolinguistics

Expert ImageDr Olga Sobolev
Language Centre
Experience keywords: modernism; post-totalitarian culture; comparative literature; Russian language teaching and applied linguistics; Cold War literature; Russian and French Modernism; Anglo-Soviet comparative studies

Expert ImageDr Angus Wrenn
Language Centre
Experience keywords: Anglo-Soviet literature; modernism; American literature; cold war; reception of British authors in Europe; comparative literature

Expert ImageDr Catherine Hua Xiang
Language Centre
Experience keywords: e-learning in foreign language teaching; translation studies; Mandarin Chinese teaching; cross-cultural communication and pragmatics; intercultural awareness consultancy

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