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Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Sebastian Balfour
Department of Government; European Institute
Experience keywords: colonial war in Morocco; history of 20th century Spain; the use of chemical weapons in colonial wars; identity, nationalism, regionalism, and the state in Spain; fascism; transition and consolidation of democracy in Spain; nationalism; Contemporary Spanish politics; Fidel Castro and Cuba

Expert ImageProfessor Nicholas Barr FRSA
European Institute; Department of Economics
Experience keywords: health finance; finance; Russia and Eastern Europe; social insurance; Europe; education finance; welfare state; security; social security; pensions; Eastern Europe; transition; post-communist transition; insurance; state; higher education finance; Soviet Union

Expert ImageDr Will Bartlett
European Institute
Experience keywords: economic development; skills; post-communist transition; welfare state; South East Europe; decentralisation; vocational education; Western Balkans; Roma; social exclusion; health system reforms

Expert ImageProfessor Iain Begg
European Institute
Experience keywords: stability and growth pact; structural funds; European employment strategy; policy co-ordination; EU budget; EMU; economic and monetary union; European social policy; UK economy; competitiveness; fiscal federalism; Britain & the Euro; cohesion in the EU; EU economy

Expert ImageDr Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic
European Institute; Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit
Experience keywords: Western Balkans; human security; informal economy; post-conflict economic reconstruction; economic and political transition

Expert ImageMr Richard Bronk
European Institute
Experience keywords: Hayek; European Union; philosophy of economics; history of ideas; political economy; models of capitalism; reflexivity; uncertainty; analytical monocultures

Expert ImageDr Rebecca Bryant
European Institute
Experience keywords: gender and the state; post-conflict reconciliation; Ethnic conflict and displacement; borders and sovereignty; political culture in Southeast Europe; transitional justice

Expert ImageProfessor Damian Chalmers
European Institute; Department of Law
Experience keywords: European public law; European Union; single European market; legal theory and the EU; comparative regional integration

Expert ImageProfessor Paul Cheshire
Department of Geography and Environment; European Institute; Greater London Group; Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: Land use regulation; Urban land; Urban economics; Local economic development; Urban policy; Regional growth; Territorial competition; Planning; Regional development; Economic geography; Real estate economics; Development policy; Housing markets

Expert ImageDr Anne Corbett
European Institute
Experience keywords: EU higher education policy; EU policy making; UK higher education policy; EU education policy; national higher educational policies; France: administrative reform; French politics, higher education policy

Expert ImageDr Joan Costa-i-Font
European Institute; Department of Social Policy; LSE Health and Social Care; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: economics of lifestyles; social protection; identity economics; decentralisation; insurance; health economics; long term care; social economics; public choice; health inequalities; ageing; cultural transmission

Expert ImageDr Steve Coulter
European Institute
Experience keywords: European and UK growth; industrial policy; UK trade unions and the Labour Party; the BBC.; European political economy and 'Varieties of Capitalism'

Expert ImageProfessor Paul De Grauwe
European Institute

Expert ImageDr Vesselin Dimitrov
European Institute; Department of Government
Experience keywords: political transition; communism; economic transition; European Union; NATO; central Europe; eastern Europe; EMU; cold war; economic policy making; nationalism

Expert ImageDr Joseph Downing
European Institute; LSE100 - The LSE Course; Department of Government; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: Muslims in Europe; sociology; migration; Islam; identity; minorities; policy; Paris; Lyon; cities; French politics; Marseille; France; integration; migrants

Expert ImageDr Spyros Economides
Department of International Relations; European Institute
Experience keywords: Balkans; European security; southeast Europe; US foreign policy; foreign affairs; Greece; former Yugoslavia; EU foreign policy

Expert ImageProfessor Kevin Featherstone
Hellenic Observatory; European Institute
Experience keywords: contemporary Greek public policy; processes of Europeanisation; European Union politics; pension and labour market reform in southern Europe; contemporary Greek politics; economic and monetary union; British membership of EU

Expert ImageProfessor Maurice Fraser
European Institute
Experience keywords: the Centre-Right in Europe; the West; French politics; Transatlantic relations; EU institutions; EU foreign policy; EU external relations; France; the British Conservative Party; EU legitimacy; Europe; European politics; European identity

Expert ImageDr Eddie Gerba
European Institute
Experience keywords: risk modelling; credit cycles; macro prudential policy; financial crises and markets; macroeconomic stability; securities markets; monetary policy

Expert ImageProfessor Simon Glendinning
European Institute
Experience keywords: animal ethics; phenomenology and deconstruction; European Philosophy; Philosophy of Europe

Expert ImageDr Claire Gordon
European Institute
Experience keywords: EU enlargement and conditionality; former Soviet Union; democratisation and state-building; Central and Eastern Europe; conflict management; Western Balkans

Expert ImageDr Sara Hagemann
European Institute
Experience keywords: legislative behaviour; European politics; transparency; European Union; democracy

Expert ImageDr Robert Hancké
European Institute
Experience keywords: European motor industry; French economy; industrial restructuring; labour unionism; European works councils; comparative industrial organisation; comparative economic performance; EMU; German economy; labour relations; multinationals

Expert ImageProfessor Sara Hobolt
European Institute
Experience keywords: European politics; elections; referendums; parties; European Union

Expert ImageDr Abby Innes
European Institute
Experience keywords: Eastern Europe; Czechoslovak politics; politics; post-communist transition; nationalism; Czechoslovak separation; post-communism; economic reform

Expert ImageDr Jennifer Jackson Preece
European Institute; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: nationalism; secession; European states system; irredentism; ethnic conflict; multiculturalism; history; European security; minority rights; North America; Europe

Expert ImageDr Panagiotis Kanavos
LSE Health; Department of Social Policy; European Institute
Experience keywords: biotechnology; fiscal policy; industrial economics; health economics; transitional economies; health related high technology industries; pharmaceuticals; economics; international perspective; health technology assessment; health policy

Expert ImageDr James Ker-Lindsay
European Institute
Experience keywords: EU enlargement; Peace Processes; conflict management and resolution; Secession; State Recognition

Expert ImageDr Mareike Kleine
European Institute
Experience keywords: international trade; domestic institutions; international politics; European integration; global governance; legitimacy

Expert ImageDr Jan Komárek
Department of Law; European Institute
Experience keywords: European public law; European judicial process; comparative constitutional law

Expert ImageDr Steen Mangen
Department of Social Policy; European Institute
Experience keywords: social policy; post-Franco Spain; European social policy; united Germany; welfare states; inner city problems

Expert ImageDr Simona Milio
European Institute; European Institute
Experience keywords: institutional capacity; institution building; structural funds; social inclusion; social policy; Cohesion policy; multilevel governance; regional policy; social cohesion

Expert ImageDr Simona Milio
European Institute; European Institute
Experience keywords: institutional capacity; institution building; structural funds; social inclusion; social policy; Cohesion policy; multilevel governance; regional policy; social cohesion

Expert ImageDr Vassilis Monastiriotis
Hellenic Observatory; Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC); European Institute; LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe
Experience keywords: unemployment; regional policy and performance; applied spatial econometrics and GIS; Greek macro-economic policy and performance; labour market flexibility; Greece and South East Europe; regional labour markets; wage and income disparities; spatial economics

Expert ImageDr Esra Ozyurek
European Institute
Experience keywords: Turkey; secularism; Holocaust memory among Muslims; Islamism; political culture; Muslim antisemitism; Muslims in Germany

Expert ImageProfessor Paul Preston
Department of International History; European Institute; Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies
Experience keywords: procurement; contemporary Spanish politics; Spanish history; defence policy; European fascism; Anglo-Spanish economic relations; European left; Gibraltar; Spanish army; Anglo-Spanish relations; Spain; Anglo-Spanish political relations

Expert ImageProfessor Andres Rodriguez-Pose
European Institute; Department of Geography and Environment; Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: global restructuring; local economic development; economic growth; Latin America; regional disparities; regional development; European Union economic growth and regional policy; devolution; Spanish politics and economics; economic impact of devolution

Expert ImageDr Waltraud Schelkle
European Institute
Experience keywords: United Germany; financial markets and social policy; European integration; European Monetary Union

Expert ImageDr Marco Simoni
European Institute
Experience keywords: unemployment; comparative industrial relations; labour unionism; Italian economy; comparative economic performance; social democracy; comparative political economy; labour relations; centre-left parties

Expert ImageProfessor Francis Snyder
Department of Law; European Institute
Experience keywords: technical standards; WTO and China; WTO law; law and globalisation; antidumping and customs law; law of the European Union; relations between the EU and China

Expert ImageDr Eiko Thielemann
European Institute; Department of Government; Migration Studies Unit (Department of Government)
Experience keywords: asylum; immigration; comparative politics and policy; migration; European Union; international co-operation (burden sharing)

Expert ImageDr Jonathan White
European Institute
Experience keywords: democratic theory; public opinion; political sociology; European politics; European identity; European Union; partisanship; social theory

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