Slater, Don

Dr Don Slater  


Position held

Associate Professor (Reader) of Sociology


Experience keywords:

new media, development, consumer culture, consumption, sociology, visual culture, light, lighting, technology, cities, material culture, design

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Don Slater's work focuses on the relations between culture, technology and economy. Following work on consumption and consumer culture (Consumer Culture and Modernity (Polity: 1997) and Market Society: Markets and Modern Social Thought, with Dr Fran Tonkiss (Polity: 2000)), he spent over ten years working on the sociology of new media, including extensive ethnographic fieldwork in South Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean (eg, New Media, Development and Globalization (Polity: 2013) and The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach, with Prof Daniel Miller (Berg: 2000)).

Slater is currently developing a research programme called Configuring Light – sited in the LSE Cities Programme -- which looks at the ways in which light as a material is configured as part of built forms such as buildings, city streets and interior designs. This research aims to engineer theoretical and empirical collaborations between material culture and technology studies, urban studies, architecture and engineering. His current book project is entitled Cities and Technologies: Engineering Urban Life.

Media experience:

Radio; TV

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+44 (0)20 7849 4653

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