Chinkin, Christine

Professor Christine Chinkin  


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Professor of International Law


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United Nations law; dispute resolution; feminist legal issues; human rights law and institutions; international dispute resolution; international human rights; public international law; women's human rights

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Current research interests are gender and post-conflict reconstruction; the political and legal aspects of human security; and the application of the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, 1979 by CEDAW and by the UK government.

I am currently a member of the Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel, constituted by UNMIK, and in that connection also carry out research on the application of human rights standards by United Nations' missions.

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Christine Chinkin is Professor of International Law at the LSE and a barrister, a member of Matrix Chambers. Together with H. Charlesworth, she won the American Society of International Law, 2005 Goler T. Butcher Medal 'for outstanding contributions to the development or effective realization of international human rights law'. She is an Overseas Affiliated Faculty Member, University of Michigan and has been a Scholar in Residence for Amnesty International (2005), as well as Visiting Professor at Columbia University (2004) and at the Arts and Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University (2003).

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