Results for search term: transitional justice.

Expert ImageDr Rebecca Bryant
European Institute
Experience keywords: gender and the state; post-conflict reconciliation; Ethnic conflict and displacement; borders and sovereignty; political culture in Southeast Europe; transitional justice

Expert ImageDr Rachel Ibreck
Department of International Development; Justice and Security Research Programme
Experience keywords: political violence; transnational human rights activism; politics in sub-Saharan Africa; civil society; transitional justice; genocide; peace building; ethnic conflict

Expert ImageDr Andrew Jillions
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Global Constitutionalism; International Political Theory; Politics of International Law; International Intervention; Transitional Justice; Human Rights; Counter-terrorism

Expert ImageDr Anna Macdonald
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: law and social order in central Africa; international criminal law; transitional justice; community-based responses to violence and accountability; humanitarianism

Expert ImageDr Jens Meierhenrich
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: conflict resolution; transitional justice; foreign, comparative, and international law; international courts and international organizations; crimes against humanity; war crimes; genocide

Expert ImageDr Claire Moon
Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: socio-legal studies; social constructivism; post-conflict reconciliation; discourse and narrative theories; truth commissions; atrocities; transitional justice; forgiveness; political apologies; reparations; war trauma; South Africa; therapy

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