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Expert ImageDr Riccardo Crescenzi
Department of Geography and Environment; Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: Italian economics and economic policy; regional disparities; knowledge economy; European Union economic growth and regional policy; innovation; local economic development; regional development; economic geography; R and D; economic growth; technology; global restructuring

Expert ImageProfessor Tim Forsyth
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: tourism; climate change; environment and environmental policy; science; international investment; Indonesia; politics; Philippines; technology; Burma; developing countries (Thailand, Asia and southeast Asia); economy; China and India; Vietnam; Laos

Expert ImageProfessor Luis Garicano
Department of Economics; Department of Management; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: labour economics; euro crisis; governance, Spain.; productivity; financial system; growth; technology

Expert ImageProfessor Jannis Kallinikos
Department of Management
Experience keywords: communication; organisation; information growth; technology; technology and social behaviour

Expert ImageDr Nigel Mehdi
Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: real estate economics; developing professional expertise; spatial economics; knowledge economy; formation of professional knowledge; learning technologies; property tax; development of professional learning; real estate valuation; congestion charge; technology policy; road pricing; new technology; professional expertise and performance; urban sustainability; urban land markets; e-Learning; technology; business rates; cost-benefit analysis; learning of professional ethics; learning in a digital environment

Expert ImageProfessor Danny Quah
LSE IDEAS; Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of International Development; Department of Economics
Experience keywords: technology; income inequality; income distribution; global economy; economic growth; econometrics; macroeconomics

Expert ImageProfessor John Van Reenen
Department of Economics; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: technology; R and D; innovation; policy

Expert ImageProfessor Leslie Willcocks
Department of Management
Experience keywords: technology; implementation; outsourcing; outsourcing; work and globalisation; organisational change; IT evaluation and management; social theory and philosophy for information systems; IT leadership; business and IT strategy

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