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Expert ImageDr Gerben Bakker
Department of Accounting; Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: applied industrial economics; the economics of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, patents, etc); long-run analysis of corporate success and failure; technological change and productivity growth in service industries; development of (and management in) the entertainment industry, motion picture industry, music industry; economic and business history; evolution of industries; strategy; multinational enterprises

Expert ImageDr Patrik Kärrberg
LSE Enterprise
Experience keywords: EU; Europe; Korea; management; software management; Scandinavia; innovation management; corporate change; South East Asia; service delivery platform; business models; start-ups, entrepreneurs; Nordic; wireless technologies; mobile technologies; strategy; China; Japan; mobility; services; internet; telecommunications

Expert ImageProfessor Lawrence Phillips
Department of Management;
Experience keywords: organisational structure; process consultancy and facilitation; decision and risk analysis; decision conferencing; prioritisation and resource allocation; strategy; management of change; group processes and teamworking; option appraisal and evaluation; effective decision making

Expert ImageDr Thorsten Roser
LSE Enterprise; ; London Multimedia Lab for audiovisual communication and composition
Experience keywords: co-creation; venture management; behavioural economics; complexity; business finance; risk; innovation; knowledge management; strategy; business coaching; intellectual capital; marketing

Expert ImageDr Benjamin G. Voyer
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Branding; Consumer behaviour; Luxury; Leadership; Strategy; Organisational psychology; Postconsumerism; Advertising; Cultural influence; Decision making; Market research; Self & Identity; Power; Social Influence; Psychology; Marketing; Research methods

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