Expert Image Professor Martin W Bauer
Department of Methodology, Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Eurobarometer surveys, activity theory, bemetology, biotechnology, communication, computer assisted text analysis, content analysis, experience sampling, genomics, job design, media monitoring, motivation, nuclear power, public understanding of science, resistance to change, risk perception, social representations, stress

Expert Image Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Brazil, Brazilian public sphere, belief systems, community development, dialogue and communication, health, inter-cultural dialogue, knowledge processes, participation, public sphere, social representations

Expert Image Professor Saadi Lahlou
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: cognitive science, design, information technology, innovation, organisational science, privacy, social psychology, social representations, societal psychology, sustainability

Expert Image Dr Jana Uher
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: audiovisual and computerised recording of behaviour, comparative psychology, critical analysis of standardised questionnaire methods, cross cultural comparison, cross species comparison , evolution, evolutionary research, individual behaviour, individual differences, judgement, metatheory, methodology, person perception, personality, philosophy of science, primates, social psychology, social relationships, social representations

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