Expert Image Professor Catherine Campbell
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: 'social capital', HIV/AIDS, agency, capacity building, care and caring relationships, collective action, community participation, education, gender, health-enabling schools, mental health, partnerships, power and empowerment, public health and health promotion, sexuality, social change, social development, social exclusion and social inequalities - with particular attention to the way in which health inequalities are shaped by social identities relating to gender, ethnicity, age/youth and socio-economic position, social movements, stigma

Expert Image Dr John Chalcraft
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Egypt, Lebanon, Middle East, Syria, guilds, hegemony, history from below, history, labour, migration, postcolonialism, social movements, transnationalism

Expert Image Dr Flora Cornish
Department of Methodology
Experience keywords: Community mobilisation, HIV/AIDS, collective action, community engagement and participation, community health interventions, dialogue, ethnography, evidence & evaluation in health research and policy, qualitative research methodologies, social movements, transnational development management

Expert Image Dr Sumi Madhok
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: South Asian politics, agency and coercion, citizenship, developmentalism, feminist political theory, human rights, postcoloniality, social movements, transnational gender politics, vernacular rights cultures

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