Expert Image Professor Craig Calhoun
Director's Management Team
Experience keywords: collective action and social movements, comparative historical sociology, public communication, social change, social solidarity, social, political, and cultural theory

Expert Image Professor Catherine Campbell
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: 'social capital', HIV/AIDS, agency, capacity building, care and caring relationships, collective action, community participation, education, gender, health-enabling schools, mental health, partnerships, power and empowerment, public health and health promotion, sexuality, social change, social development, social exclusion and social inequalities - with particular attention to the way in which health inequalities are shaped by social identities relating to gender, ethnicity, age/youth and socio-economic position, social movements, stigma

Expert Image Professor Anne Power
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), Department of Social Policy, LSE Housing & Communities, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)
Experience keywords: cities, climate change, communities, disadvantaged and run-down neighbourhoods, energy efficiency, family interventions, international and UK housing, marginal groups, race relations, social change, social housing, sustainable communities, urban regeneration

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