Expert Image Dr Melissa Fernandez
Department of Geography and Environment, LSE London
Experience keywords: Brazil, Puerto Rico, South East Asia, alternative housing, cities, co-housing, displacement, evictions, gender, geographies of home, migration, post-colonialism, qualitative methods, race, social housing, urban development, urban politics, urban sociology, urbanisation, urbanism

Expert Image Reader Emeritus Christopher Husbands
Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: United Kingdom, Western Europe, assessment, extreme right, higher education, nationalism, political asylum, politics, race, racist attacks, racist politics, teaching quality

Expert Image Dr Jana Uher
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: interdisciplinary, questionnaire methods, racisms, survey methods, video analysis, Behaviour, assessment methods, computerised recording, ethnicity, gender, individual behaviour, individual differences, judgement, metatheory, methodology, person perception, personality, philosophy of science, primates, qualitative methods, race, sexism, social psychology, social relationships, social representations, transdisciplinary

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