Results for search term: public policy.

Expert ImageDr Aude Bicquelet
Department of Methodology
Experience keywords: direct participation; analysis of parliamentary debates; computer-assisted textual analysis; data mining; public policy; democratic political theory

Expert ImageDr Francesca Borgonovi
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE); Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: public policy; third sector; art and cultural policies; health; religion; social exclusion; wellbeing; social capital

Expert ImageProfessor Robin Burgess
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of Economics; International Growth Centre
Experience keywords: India; labour economics; development economics; public policy; public economics; political economy; poverty; growth; China

Expert ImageDr Leandro N Carrera
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: public policy; productivity; public sector performance; pensions policy

Expert ImageDr Zack Cooper
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: public sector reform; NHS; US health policy; public policy; health policy; choice and competition in health care; health care reform; health economics

Expert ImageProfessor Paul Dolan
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: well-being behavioural economics; happiness; field experiments; public policy

Expert ImageProfessor Patrick Dunleavy
Department of Government; LSE Public Policy Group; MPA Programme; Global Policy
Experience keywords: UK budget; electoral systems; US federal budget; electoral reform; British policy making; British constitution; comparative public administration; British politics; public policy; public choice; party competition

Expert ImageProfessor Jean-Paul Faguet
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of International Development
Experience keywords: local institutions; policy reform; devolution; development economics; Latin America: economic development; fiscal architecture; decentralisation; social funds; local government effectiveness; political economy; political development; preference formation; public policy

Expert ImageDr Jeroen Luyten
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: public policy; public health; equity; Health economics; wellbeing; ethics; health policy

Expert ImageDr Marco Manacorda
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: school to work transition; Public policy; early child development; migration; labour markets; social protection; minimum wages.; family formation; child labour; wage inequality; political economy and corruption; informality; labor markets; schooling

Expert ImageMr Neil Reeder
LSE Cities
Experience keywords: Impact investment; public service commissioning; Public policy; Payment by results; public service productivity; Social innovation; Social value

Expert ImageDr Gita Subrahmanyam
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: state-building; Chad; economic resilience; Tunisia; Pakistan; post-colonial states; Algeria; French Empire; global economic crises; Libya; imperialism; international development; Egypt; public administration; democratisation; informal economy; Kenya; British Empire; India; Tanzania; constitutional law; Nigeria; Morocco; youth unemployment; Indochina; international political economy; public policy; education for democracy; comparative politics

Expert ImageProfessor Mark Thatcher
Department of Government; Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR); LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: British, French, Italian and EU policy making and regulation; independent regulatory agencies; heritage policy; network industries; political economy; sovereign wealth funds; regulation; public policy

Expert ImageMs Jane Tinkler
LSE Public Policy Group; Department of Government
Experience keywords: social sciences; political science; public policy

Expert ImageMr Dimitri Zenghelis
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Experience keywords: competitiveness; climate change; government; economics; economic growth; public policy; economic forecasting

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