Results for search term: public administration.

Expert ImageDr Tony Hockley
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: policy and regulatory bodies; economics; energy; public administration; environment

Expert ImageProfessor Christopher Hood
Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR)
Experience keywords: reform; risk regulation; safety regulation; public administration; administrative reform; management

Expert ImageProfessor Roger Levy
Department of Management
Experience keywords: performance management and audit; financial and programme management of EU programmes; European Court of Auditors; design of UG and PG business and management courses; reform of EU programme and financial management; management in HE; public administration

Expert ImageProfessor Martin Lodge
Department of Government; Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR)
Experience keywords: Germany: government; European policy; public administration; regulation and development; administrative reform; public administration; regulation

Expert ImageProfessor Tim Newburn
Department of Social Policy; Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Experience keywords: Law; Policy and Regulatory Bodies; Public administration

Expert ImageDr Gita Subrahmanyam
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: international political economy; youth and skills; Libya; democratisation; India; comparative politics; Kenya; economic resilience; Egypt; constitutional law; Nigeria; Morocco; Tanzania; Indochina; technical and vocational education and training; British Empire; education for democracy; Chad; international development; state-building; informal economy; imperialism; French Empire; public policy; youth unemployment; Algeria; Tunisia; Pakistan; post-colonial states; global economic crises; public administration

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