Results for search term: productivity.

Expert ImageProfessor Nick Bloom
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: productivity; uncertainty; management

Expert ImageDr Leandro N Carrera
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: public policy; productivity; public sector performance; pensions policy

Expert ImageDr Chiara Criscuolo
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: innovation; offshoring; multinationals; productivity

Expert ImageProfessor Luis Garicano
Department of Economics; Department of Management; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP); Managerial Economics and Strategy Group (Department of Management)
Experience keywords: growth; euro crisis; labour economics; financial system; technology; governance, Spain.; productivity

Expert ImageMr Nicholas Oulton
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: ICT; productivity; standard of living

Expert ImageDr Chris Stanton
Department of Management
Experience keywords: productivity; Labor and personnel economics; human resource management; applied econometrics

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