Results for search term: politics.

Expert ImageProfessor Madawi Al-Rasheed
Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: current affairs; politics; History

Expert ImageDr Mukulika Banerjee
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: democracy; elections; public culture; politics; popular perceptions of democracy

Expert ImageProfessor Charlie Beckett
Department of Media and Communications; POLIS
Experience keywords: television; Africa media; radio; international media; politics; American politics; development; online media; journalism; governance; newspapers; blogging; new media; internet; American Media

Expert ImageProfessor Tim Forsyth
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: tourism; climate change; environment and environmental policy; science; international investment; Indonesia; politics; Philippines; technology; Burma; developing countries (Thailand, Asia and southeast Asia); economy; China and India; Vietnam; Laos

Expert ImageProfessor Christopher R Hughes
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: regionalism; international politics; politics; nationalism; foreign policy

Expert ImageReader Emeritus Christopher Husbands
Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: politics; racist politics; assessment; higher education; nationalism; teaching quality; political asylum; Western Europe; race; extreme right; racist attacks; United Kingdom

Expert ImageDr Abby Innes
European Institute
Experience keywords: Eastern Europe; Czechoslovak politics; politics; post-communist transition; nationalism; Czechoslovak separation; post-communism; economic reform

Expert ImageDr Henning Meyer
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: economic policy; global governance; globalization; European Union; political economy; social democracy; politics; Germany; social policy; transatlantic economic relations

Expert ImageProfessor Ken Shadlen
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: business politics; patents; developing countries; international institutions; intellectual property rights; World Trade Organization (WTO); democratisation; politics; pharmaceuticals; Latin America; industrial policy; trade and industrial strategy; debt and developing countries

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