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Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Sebastian Balfour
Department of Government; European Institute
Experience keywords: colonial war in Morocco; history of 20th century Spain; the use of chemical weapons in colonial wars; identity, nationalism, regionalism, and the state in Spain; fascism; transition and consolidation of democracy in Spain; nationalism; Contemporary Spanish politics; Fidel Castro and Cuba

Expert ImageProfessor Chetan Bhatt
Department of Sociology; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: South Asia; human rights; terrorism studies; religious extremism and violence; nationalism; social theory and philosophy; minorities

Expert ImageProfessor John Breuilly
Department of Government
Experience keywords: European history; urban history; modern history; German history; global history; liberalism; modernity/modernisation; cultural history; nationalism

Expert ImageDr Vesselin Dimitrov
European Institute; Department of Government
Experience keywords: political transition; communism; economic transition; European Union; NATO; central Europe; eastern Europe; EMU; cold war; economic policy making; nationalism

Expert ImageProfessor Christopher R Hughes
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: regionalism; international politics; politics; nationalism; foreign policy

Expert ImageReader Emeritus Christopher Husbands
Department of Sociology
Experience keywords: politics; racist politics; assessment; higher education; nationalism; teaching quality; political asylum; Western Europe; race; extreme right; racist attacks; United Kingdom

Expert ImageDr Abby Innes
European Institute
Experience keywords: Eastern Europe; Czechoslovak politics; politics; post-communist transition; nationalism; Czechoslovak separation; post-communism; economic reform

Expert ImageDr Jennifer Jackson Preece
European Institute; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: nationalism; secession; European states system; irredentism; ethnic conflict; multiculturalism; history; European security; minority rights; North America; Europe

Expert ImageDr Zeynep Kaya
Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: Kurds; nationalism; self-determination; gender; international relations of the Middle East; international state building

Expert ImageProfessor John Sidel
Department of International Relations; Department of Government
Experience keywords: revolutions; Southeast Asia; democratization; Indonesia; terrorism; nationalism; religion; Philippines; Islam; violence; development; local politics

Expert ImageDr Rajesh Venugopal
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: liberal peace-building; nationalism; development; ethnic conflict; state-business relations; post-conflict reconstruction

Expert ImageDr Lea Ypi
Department of Government
Experience keywords: colonialism; migration; globalization; nationalism; cosmopolitanism; Enlightenment; justice; democratic theory

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