Expert Image Dr Catherine Allerton
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Southeast Asia, children and childhood, education, houses, illegality, kinship and marriage, migration, place and landscape

Expert Image Dr Chaloka Beyani
Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Department of Law
Experience keywords: climate change, constitutional reform, democracy, displaced persons, displacement of populations, gender relations, human rights, human trafficking, humanitarian assistance, maritime disputes, mercenaries, migrants, migration, public international law, refugees, state authority, state responsibility, territorial disputes, treaty-making

Expert Image Dr John Chalcraft
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Egypt, Lebanon, Middle East, Syria, guilds, hegemony, history from below, history, labour, migration, postcolonialism, social movements, transnationalism

Expert Image Professor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment, Gender Institute
Experience keywords: Costa Rica, Gambia, Latin America, Mexico, Philippines, developing countries, development, family, feminisation of poverty, gender, household livelihoods, households, housing, lone mother households, masculinities, men, migration, poverty, urban informal economy, urbanisation, youth

Expert Image Dr Joseph Downing
European Institute
Experience keywords: France, French politics, Islam, Lyon, Marseille, Muslims in Europe, Paris, cities, identity, integration, migrants, migration, minorities, policy, sociology

Expert Image Dr Melissa Fernandez
Department of Geography and Environment, LSE London
Experience keywords: Brazil, Puerto Rico, South East Asia, alternative housing, cities, co-housing, displacement, evictions, gender, geographies of home, migration, post-colonialism, qualitative methods, race, social housing, urban development, urban politics, urban sociology, urbanisation, urbanism

Expert Image Dr Justin Gest
Migration Studies Unit (Department of Government)
Experience keywords: Islam, Muslims in the West, citizenship, civic engagement, extremism, globalisation, identity politics, integration, migration, participation, terrorism

Expert Image Professor Emeritus Ian Gordon
Department of Geography and Environment, LSE London, Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: applied urban economics, migration, regional development, urban policy

Expert Image Dr Jason Hickel
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: African affairs, HIV/AIDS, agriculture, democracy, economic development, labour, liberalism, migration, political conflict, trade unions, violence, xenophobia

Expert Image Dr Armine Ishkanian
Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: South Caucasus, civil society, social movements, activism, NGOs, campaigning, democracy, social justice, gender, violence against women, migration, diaspora , post-Soviet transitions, Armenia, UK

Expert Image Dr Anni Kajanus
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: migration, China, cooperation and competition, culture and cognition, education, family, gender, social anthropology

Expert Image Professor Marco Manacorda
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: Public policy, child labour, early child development, family formation, informality, labor markets, labour markets, migration, minimum wages., political economy and corruption, school to work transition, schooling, social protection, wage inequality

Expert Image Dr Claire Mercer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Africa, NGOs, Tanzania, civil society, development , diaspora , middle class, migration

Expert Image Dr Chris Minns
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: Canadian economic history, North American economic history, apprenticeship, labour history, migration, quantitative economic history, schooling, training

Expert Image Professor Eric Neumayer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: conflict, economic development, environment, evidence-based public policy, globalisation, human development, migration, quantitative methods, sustainable development, violence

Expert Image Professor Lucinda Platt
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: child poverty, cross-national migration research, ethnic minority social mobility, ethnicity, history of social policy, inequalities, longitudinal research, migration, poverty, religiosity, social surveys

Expert Image Dr Eiko Thielemann
Department of Government, European Institute, Migration Studies Unit (Department of Government)
Experience keywords: European Union, asylum, comparative politics and policy, immigration, international co-operation (burden sharing), migration

Expert Image Dr Anna Tuckett
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: Italy, bureaucracy, documents, illegality, law, legal anthropology, migration, political anthropology, the state

Expert Image Dr Lea Ypi
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Enlightenment, colonialism, cosmopolitanism, democratic theory, globalization, justice, migration, nationalism

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