Results for search term: international development.

Expert ImageDr Armine Ishkanian
Department of Social Policy; Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit
Experience keywords: gender; post-Soviet transitions; South Caucasus; Armenia; civil society; NGOs; democracy-building; violence against women; international development

Expert ImageDr Ryan Jablonski
Department of Government
Experience keywords: corruption; Somalia; foreign aid; clientelism; experiments; Sierra Leone; maritime piracy; international development; program evaluation; statistics; elections; East Africa; Kenya; survey design; Africa; election violence

Expert ImageProfessor David Lewis
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: international development; NGOs; development organizations

Expert ImageDr Omar McDoom
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Great Lakes; insurgency; Democratic Republic of Congo; civil wars; political violence; ethnic conflict; Rwanda; Burundi; genocide; terrorism; African politics; international development; Uganda

Expert ImageDr Gita Subrahmanyam
LSE Public Policy Group
Experience keywords: state-building; Chad; economic resilience; Tunisia; Pakistan; post-colonial states; Algeria; French Empire; global economic crises; Libya; imperialism; international development; Egypt; public administration; democratisation; informal economy; Kenya; British Empire; India; Tanzania; constitutional law; Nigeria; Morocco; youth unemployment; Indochina; international political economy; public policy; education for democracy; comparative politics

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