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Expert ImageDr Riccardo Crescenzi
Department of Geography and Environment; Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Experience keywords: Italian economics and economic policy; regional disparities; knowledge economy; European Union economic growth and regional policy; innovation; local economic development; regional development; economic geography; R and D; economic growth; technology; global restructuring

Expert ImageDr Chiara Criscuolo
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: innovation; offshoring; multinationals; productivity

Expert ImageDr Antoine Dechezlepretre
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Experience keywords: international technology diffusion; patents; clean technologies; innovation; technology transfer; climate change policies; intellectual property

Expert ImageDr Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe
Department of Finance
Experience keywords: private equity; innovation; corporate finance; entrepreneurial finance; venture capital; Finance

Expert ImageDr Tom Kemeny
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: economic growth; institutions; cultural diversity; regional development; international trade; innovation; inequality; globalization; immigration

Expert ImageProfessor Saadi Lahlou
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: social psychology; privacy; societal psychology; information technology; innovation; design; social representations; sustainability; organisational science; cognitive science

Expert ImageDr Neil Lee
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Labour markets; Creative industries; Cities; Innovation; Economic Geography; Regional and local economic development; Urban and regional policy; Enterprise; Inequality

Expert ImageDr Connson Locke
Department of Management
Experience keywords: communication; leadership; innovation; gender

Expert ImageProfessor Eve (Evangelia) Mitleton-Kelly
LSE IDEAS; LSE Enterprise; LSE Complexity Research Group
Experience keywords: network theory; redesigning an organisation; corporate governance & project governance; innovation; leadership; post merger integration; organisational learning; agent-based modelling; disaster risk reduction in West African States; IT legacy systems; energy & climate change; co-creating enabling infrastructures; relationship between IT professionals and strategists; socio-technical and cultural frameworks; complexity theory; sustainable development

Expert ImageDr Alison Powell
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: new media; internet; participation; Wi-Fi; innovation; design; information and communication technologies; mobile and wireless media; innovation; wireless; community; broadband; media futures

Expert ImageDr Thorsten Roser
LSE Enterprise; ; London Multimedia Lab for audiovisual communication and composition
Experience keywords: co-creation; venture management; behavioural economics; complexity; business finance; risk; innovation; knowledge management; strategy; business coaching; intellectual capital; marketing

Expert ImageDr Susan Scott
Department of Management; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP); Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR)
Experience keywords: strategic information systems; IS in financial services; innovation; clearing and settlement; markets; IT-enabled risk management

Expert ImageProfessor John Van Reenen
Department of Economics; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: technology; R and D; innovation; policy

Expert ImageDr Edgar Whitley
Department of Management
Experience keywords: information systems; innovation; identity assurance; policy; plagiarism; identity cards; Commons-based peer production

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