Expert Image Professor Rita Astuti
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: cognitive anthropology, cognitive psychology, cross-cultural studies, developmental psychology, gender, identity, kinship

Expert Image Professor Emeritus Rodney Barker
Department of Government
Experience keywords: enemies, enmity, identity, ideology, legitimacy, legitimation, propaganda, rhetoric

Expert Image Dr Joseph Downing
Department of Government, Department of Social Policy, European Institute, LSE100 - The LSE Course
Experience keywords: France, French politics, Islam, Lyon, Marseille, Muslims in Europe, Paris, cities, identity, integration, migrants, migration, minorities, policy, sociology

Expert Image Dr Alex Gillespie
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: assistive technology for cognition, care, dialogue, identity, misunderstanding, perspective-taking, tourism, trust

Expert Image Dr Caroline Howarth
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: community, ethnicity, identity, intercultural relations, interfaith, multiculturism, racism, school exclusion, whiteness, youth

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