Results for search term: human rights.

Expert ImageDr Kirsten Ainley
Department of International Relations; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: human rights; humanitarian intervention; international political theory; international ethics; the politics of international law, in particular international criminal law and war crimes trials

Expert ImageDr Chaloka Beyani
Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of Law
Experience keywords: mercenaries; migration; climate change; displaced persons; migrants; state authority; treaty-making; human rights; constitutional reform; humanitarian assistance; public international law; maritime disputes; displacement of populations; democracy; refugees; gender relations; human trafficking; territorial disputes; state responsibility

Expert ImageProfessor Chetan Bhatt
Department of Sociology; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: South Asia; human rights; terrorism studies; religious extremism and violence; nationalism; social theory and philosophy; minorities

Expert ImageProfessor Conor Gearty
Department of Law; Institute of Public Affairs
Experience keywords: civil liberties; terrorism; law; human rights

Expert ImageDr Stephen Humphreys
Department of Law
Experience keywords: international criminal court; food security; international justice; human rights; environmental law; international criminal law; climate change; crimes against humanity; war crimes

Expert ImageDr Andrew Jillions
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Global Constitutionalism; International Political Theory; Politics of International Law; International Intervention; Transitional Justice; Human Rights; Counter-terrorism

Expert ImageProfessor David Keen
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: famine; human rights; Sierra Leone; Northern Iraq; civil war; Sudan

Expert ImageDr Mara Malagodi
Department of Law
Experience keywords: law and conflict; comparative constitutional law; human rights; South Asian laws

Expert ImageDr Francisco Panizza
Department of Government; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: populism; Latin American Politics; politics and economy of the countries of Mercosur; politics and economic change; human rights; democracy; left of centre governments

Expert ImageProfessor Anne Phillips
Department of Government; Gender Institute
Experience keywords: human rights; equality; feminism; multiculturalism; democracy and representation

Expert ImageDr Henry Radice
Department of International Development; Justice and Security Research Programme
Experience keywords: international political theory; global ethics; climate ethics; normative international relations theory; humanitarianism; human rights

Expert ImageDr Sharon Shalev
Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Experience keywords: supermax; American prison system; solitary confinement; prisons; human rights

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