Results for search term: history.

Expert ImageProfessor Madawi Al-Rasheed
Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: current affairs; politics; History

Expert ImageDr John Chalcraft
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Middle East; Syria; guilds; labour; history from below; postcolonialism; transnationalism; migration; Lebanon; history; social movements; hegemony; Egypt

Expert ImageProfessor Janet Hunter
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: history; disasters in Japan; Japanese; modern Japan; economic development; gender; Anglo-Japanese relations; communications history, Japan; economy

Expert ImageDr Jennifer Jackson Preece
European Institute; Centre for the Study of Human Rights
Experience keywords: nationalism; secession; European states system; irredentism; ethnic conflict; multiculturalism; history; European security; minority rights; North America; Europe

Expert ImageDr Igor Stramignoni
Department of Law
Experience keywords: philosophy; political philosophy; legal and political philosophy; history; comparative law; legal history

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