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Expert ImageProfessor Sarah Ashwin
Department of Management
Experience keywords: labour conflict; trade unions; gender; employment

Expert ImageProfessor Rita Astuti
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: identity; kinship; cognitive anthropology; cognitive psychology; gender; developmental psychology; cross-cultural studies

Expert ImageProfessor Catherine Campbell
Department of Social Psychology; LSE Health
Experience keywords: sexuality; care and caring relationships; stigma; social development; education; public health and health promotion; social movements; 'social capital'; mental health; agency; capacity building; gender; HIV/AIDS; power and empowerment; partnerships; collective action; health-enabling schools; community participation; social exclusion and social inequalities - with particular attention to the way in which health inequalities are shaped by social identities relating to gender, ethnicity, age/youth and socio-economic position; social change

Expert ImageProfessor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment; Gender Institute
Experience keywords: lone mother households; household livelihoods; masculinities; developing countries; housing; Mexico; Latin America; gender; urban informal economy; men; Costa Rica; Gambia; urbanisation; poverty; Philippines; feminisation of poverty; households; migration; development; family; youth

Expert ImageDr Ernestina Coast
Department of Social Policy; LSE Health
Experience keywords: households; health; gender; HIV/AIDS; sexual health; demography; population; reproductive health; abortion

Expert ImageDr Konstantina Davaki
LSE Health
Experience keywords: family policy; mental health; welfare; comparative social policy; gender; equality; violence against women

Expert ImageDr Alice Evans
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: unpaid care work; gender divisions of labour; political analysis; female employment; gender; Millennium Development Goals; sexuality; maternal health care; rural-urban migration

Expert ImageProfessor Mary Evans
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: feminism; higher education in the UK; class and inequality; gender

Expert ImageDr Melissa Fernandez
Department of Geography and Environment; LSE London
Experience keywords: urban sociology; gender; alternative housing; Puerto Rico; evictions; migration; race; displacement; post-colonialism; co-housing; urbanisation; Brazil; urban politics; urbanism; urban development; social housing; qualitative methods; geographies of home; cities; South East Asia

Expert ImageDr Marsha Henry
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: development; Haiti; Kosovo; India and South Asian Diaspora; Cyprus; gender; sex-selective abortion; militarisation; security; peacekeeping; Liberia; representation

Expert ImageProfessor Janet Hunter
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: history; disasters in Japan; Japanese; modern Japan; economic development; gender; Anglo-Japanese relations; communications history, Japan; economy

Expert ImageDr Armine Ishkanian
Department of Social Policy; Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit
Experience keywords: gender; post-Soviet transitions; South Caucasus; Armenia; civil society; NGOs; democracy-building; violence against women; international development

Expert ImageDr Zeynep Kaya
Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: Kurds; nationalism; self-determination; gender; international relations of the Middle East; international state building

Expert ImageDr Ofra Koffman
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: sexual health (UK); young people; gender; health policy

Expert ImageProfessor Jane Lewis
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: social policy; family; gender; history of social policies; history of NGOs; family policy; Europe: social policy

Expert ImageDr Connson Locke
Department of Management
Experience keywords: communication; leadership; innovation; gender

Expert ImageDr Julie McCandless
Department of Law
Experience keywords: medical law; parenthood; family law; gender

Expert ImageDr Berkay Ozcan
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: entrepreneurship; labour market; family demography; wealth and income inequality; quantitative methods; gender

Expert ImageProfessor Diane Perrons
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: economic crises; gender; regional development and social sustainability; globalisation; labour markets, care and social reproduction; inequality

Expert ImageDr Ania Plomien
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: gender; Poland; inequality; Europeanisation; work and care; EU accession; labour market policy; employment; post-socialism; labour market; EU labour market and social policies; Central Eastern Europe

Expert ImageProfessor Wendy Sigle-Rushton
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE); Gender Institute
Experience keywords: childcare; poverty; family; gender

Expert ImageDr Morten Skovdal
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: masculinity; Zimbabwe; education; caregiving children; childhood; stigma; young carers; cash transfer; community; orphans; antiretroviral therapy; HIV/AIDS; gender; Kenya; social rotection; Africa

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