Expert Image Professor Sarah Ashwin
Department of Management
Experience keywords: employment, gender, labour conflict, trade unions

Expert Image Professor Rita Astuti
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: cognitive anthropology, cognitive psychology, cross-cultural studies, developmental psychology, gender, identity, kinship

Expert Image Professor Catherine Campbell
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: Global Health, gender, feminism, activism, domestic violence, social change, social movements, 'social capital', HIV/AIDS, agency, resilience, capacity building, care and caring relationships, collective action, community participation, education, 'social capital', gender, health-enabling schools, public health and health promotion, social change, social development, social movements, stigma, mental health, partnerships, power and empowerment, sexuality, social exclusion and social inequalities - with particular attention to the way in which health inequalities are shaped by social identities relating to gender, ethnicity, age/youth and socio-economic position

Expert Image Professor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment, Gender Institute
Experience keywords: Costa Rica, Gambia, Latin America, Mexico, Philippines, developing countries, development, family, feminisation of poverty, gender, household livelihoods, households, housing, lone mother households, masculinities, men, migration, poverty, urban informal economy, urbanisation, youth

Expert Image Dr Ernestina Coast
Department of International Development, LSE Health
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS, abortion, demography, development , gender, health, households, population, reproductive health, sexual health

Expert Image Dr Konstantina Davaki
LSE Health
Experience keywords: comparative social policy, equality, family policy, gender, mental health, violence against women, welfare

Expert Image Professor Mary Evans
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: class and inequality, feminism, gender, higher education in the UK

Expert Image Dr Melissa Fernandez
Department of Geography and Environment, LSE London
Experience keywords: Brazil, Puerto Rico, South East Asia, alternative housing, cities, co-housing, displacement, evictions, gender, geographies of home, migration, post-colonialism, qualitative methods, race, social housing, urban development, urban politics, urban sociology, urbanisation, urbanism

Expert Image Dr Marsha Henry
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: Cyprus, Haiti, India and South Asian Diaspora, Kosovo, Liberia, development, gender, militarisation, peacekeeping, representation, security, sex-selective abortion

Expert Image Professor Janet Hunter
Department of Economic History, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD)
Experience keywords: Anglo-Japanese relations, Japanese, communications history, Japan, disasters in Japan, economic development, economy, gender, history, modern Japan

Expert Image Dr Armine Ishkanian
Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: South Caucasus, civil society, social movements, activism, NGOs, campaigning, democracy, social justice, gender, violence against women, migration, diaspora , post-Soviet transitions, Armenia, UK

Expert Image Dr Anni Kajanus
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: migration, China, cooperation and competition, culture and cognition, education, family, gender, social anthropology

Expert Image Dr Zeynep Kaya
Centre for Women Peace and Security, Middle East Centre
Experience keywords: Kurds, gender, international relations of the Middle East, international state building, nationalism, self-determination

Expert Image Dr Connson Locke
Department of Management
Experience keywords: communication, gender, innovation, leadership

Expert Image Dr Grace Lordan
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), Department of Social Policy, LSE Health
Experience keywords: applied econometrics, discrimination, gender, health economics, health statistics, labor economics, population economics

Expert Image Dr Julie McCandless
Department of Law
Experience keywords: family law, gender, medical law, parenthood

Expert Image Dr Berkay Ozcan
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: entrepreneurship, family demography, gender, labour market, quantitative methods, wealth and income inequality

Expert Image Professor Diane Perrons
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: economic crises, gender, globalisation, inequality, labour markets, care and social reproduction, regional development and social sustainability

Expert Image Dr Ania Plomien
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: Central Eastern Europe, EU accession, EU labour market and social policies, Europeanisation, Poland, employment, gender, inequality, labour market policy, labour market, post-socialism, work and care

Expert Image Professor Wendy Sigle
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), Gender Institute
Experience keywords: childcare, family, gender, poverty

Expert Image Dr Morten Skovdal
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Kenya, Zimbabwe, antiretroviral therapy, caregiving children, cash transfer, childhood, community, education, gender, masculinity, orphans, social rotection, stigma, young carers

Expert Image Dr Jana Uher
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science
Experience keywords: interdisciplinary, questionnaire methods, racisms, survey methods, video analysis, Behaviour, assessment methods, computerised recording, ethnicity, gender, individual behaviour, individual differences, judgement, metatheory, methodology, person perception, personality, philosophy of science, primates, qualitative methods, race, sexism, social psychology, social relationships, social representations, transdisciplinary

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