Expert Image Dr Margaret Bray
Department of Economics, Financial Markets Group (FMG)
Experience keywords: corporate finance, economic theory, financial markets, forecast feedback

Expert Image Professor Lorenzo Codogno
European Institute
Experience keywords: EU governance, EU/Eurozone economy, European integration, Eurozone, Italian economy, banking, financial markets, financial services, fiscal policy, monetary policy

Expert Image Dr Amil Dasgupta
Department of Finance
Experience keywords: Shareholder activism, corporate governance, financial crisis, financial markets, game theory, international finance

Expert Image Professor Niamh Moloney
Department of Law
Experience keywords: company law, financial markets

Expert Image Dr Rohit Rahi
Department of Finance, Financial Markets Group (FMG)
Experience keywords: asset pricing, financial innovation, financial markets, information aggregation, market microstructure, security design

Expert Image Professor Lutfey Siddiqi
Centre for International Studies
Experience keywords: emerging markets, Long-term investing, bank management, business model transformation in financial services, capital markets development, constructive conflict, corporate governance, financial markets, financial regulations, foreign exchange markets, impact investing, infrastructure investing, investing context, monetary policy, populism, risk management, south-south investment flows

Expert Image Professor Dimitri Vayanos
Department of Finance
Experience keywords: financial markets, limits of arbitrage, liquidity and frictions, market dysfunctionality

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