Results for search term: epidemiology.

Expert ImageDr Mauricio Avendano
LSE Health; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: methods; social epidemiology; epidemiology; cardiovascular

Expert ImageProfessor Walter Holland
LSE Health
Experience keywords: health policy evaluation; stroke; health services research; epidemiology; health services reform; health screening, general and occupational

Expert ImageDr Katherine Keenan
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: Russia; abortion; epidemiology; alcohol consumption; family processes, demography; qualitative methods

Expert ImageDr Andres Roman-Urrestarazu
LSE Health
Experience keywords: lifesciences; medical research; biochemistry; ELISA clinical trials; public health; molecular biology; genomics clinical research; epidemiology; data analysis; health policy; healthcare; scientific writing; research biotechnology; health economics; PCR research; science outcomes; statistics

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