Expert Image Dr Nick Anstead
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: campaigning, citizenship, eCampaigning, ePolitics, elections, internet, new media, political participation, political parties

Expert Image Dr Mukulika Banerjee
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: democracy, elections, politics, popular perceptions of democracy, public culture

Expert Image Dr Michael Bruter
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Europe polling/voting behaviour, European Union, elections, extreme right, institutions, public opinion, western Europe

Expert Image Dr Sarah Harrison
Department of Government
Experience keywords: elections, electoral psychology, european identity, extreme right politics, political parties, public opinion and electoral behaviour, research methodology, youth participation

Expert Image Professor Sara Hobolt
European Institute
Experience keywords: European Union, European politics, elections, parties, referendums

Expert Image Dr Ryan Jablonski
Department of Government
Experience keywords: Africa, East Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Somalia, clientelism, corruption, election violence, elections, experiments, foreign aid, international development, maritime piracy, program evaluation, statistics, survey design

Expert Image Dr Brian Klaas
Department of Government
Experience keywords: American politics, US foreign policy, Western foreign policy, authoritarianism, civil wars, conflict, democracy, despotism, dictatorships, diplomacy, election rigging, elections, electoral systems, global democracy, political campaigns

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