Results for search term: economic development.

Expert ImageDr Will Bartlett
European Institute
Experience keywords: economic development; skills; post-communist transition; welfare state; South East Europe; decentralisation; vocational education; Western Balkans; Roma; social exclusion; health system reforms

Expert ImageProfessor Catherine Boone
Department of Government; Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Comparative politics; Political Science; Africa; institutions; economic development; property rights

Expert ImageProfessor Francesco Caselli
Department of Economics; Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
Experience keywords: economic development; economics and politics; economic growth

Expert ImageDr Andrea Colantonio
LSE Cities; Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)
Experience keywords: economic development; urban regeneration; social sustainability; sustainable urban development; social impact assessment; urban studies; urban economy; urban tourism

Expert ImageDr Jason Hickel
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: trade unions; xenophobia; violence; migration; democracy; African affairs; agriculture; liberalism; labour; political conflict; HIV/AIDS; economic development

Expert ImageProfessor Janet Hunter
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: history; disasters in Japan; Japanese; modern Japan; economic development; gender; Anglo-Japanese relations; communications history, Japan; economy

Expert ImageDr Ethan Ilzetzki
Department of Economics
Experience keywords: international financial institutions; macroeconomics; fiscal policy; international macroeconomics; international finance; economic development; development macroeconomics

Expert ImageDr Guy Michaels
Centre for Economic Performance (CEP); Department of Economics
Experience keywords: economic geography; economic development; labour economics

Expert ImageProfessor Eric Neumayer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: economic development; migration; quantitative methods; conflict; violence; evidence-based public policy; human development; sustainable development; globalisation; environment

Expert ImageProfessor Max-Stephan Schulze
Department of Economic History
Experience keywords: continental Europe; economic history; economic development; 19th century; Austria; European economy

Expert ImageProfessor Michael Storper
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: Globalisation; Economic development; Cities and regions; Economic geography; Technological change

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