Results for search term: development.

Expert ImageProfessor Charlie Beckett
Department of Media and Communications; POLIS
Experience keywords: television; Africa media; radio; international media; politics; American politics; development; online media; journalism; governance; newspapers; blogging; new media; internet; American Media

Expert ImageDr Mayling Birney
Department of International Development; Department of Government
Experience keywords: village elections; survey research; local-national relations; development; politics of China; governance; rule of law

Expert ImageProfessor Robert Cassen
Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD); Department of Social Policy; Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)
Experience keywords: environment; UK: education; India: population; development; low achievement

Expert ImageProfessor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment; Gender Institute
Experience keywords: lone mother households; household livelihoods; masculinities; developing countries; housing; Mexico; Latin America; gender; urban informal economy; men; Costa Rica; Gambia; urbanisation; poverty; Philippines; feminisation of poverty; households; migration; development; family; youth

Expert ImageProfessor Stuart Corbridge
Asia Research Centre; Department of International Development; Director's Management Team
Experience keywords: development studies; participation; political ecology; development; accountability; south Asia; geopolitics governance; political economy

Expert ImageDr Marsha Henry
Gender Institute
Experience keywords: development; Haiti; Kosovo; India and South Asian Diaspora; Cyprus; gender; sex-selective abortion; militarisation; security; peacekeeping; Liberia; representation

Expert ImageDr Timothy Hildebrandt
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS; LGBT; civil society; NGOs; development; social entrepreneurship; survey research; activism; environment; politics of China

Expert ImageProfessor Jude Howell
Department of International Development;
Experience keywords: Afghanistan; poverty reduction; politics of aid policy; civil society; labour issues; China; NGOs; governance; Kenya; India; development

Expert ImageDr Claire Mercer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: civil society; NGOs; African diaspora; Tanzania; Africa; development

Expert ImageProfessor Thandika Mkandawire
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: economic policy; development; development theory; political economy of development in Africa; social policy in developing countries

Expert ImageProfessor John Sidel
Department of International Relations; Department of Government
Experience keywords: revolutions; Southeast Asia; democratization; Indonesia; terrorism; nationalism; religion; Philippines; Islam; violence; development; local politics

Expert ImageDr Rajesh Venugopal
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: liberal peace-building; nationalism; development; ethnic conflict; state-business relations; post-conflict reconstruction

Expert ImageDr Austin Zeiderman
LSE Cities; Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: disaster; environment; urban governance; development; citizenship; urban politics; race/ethnicity; cities; colonial and postcolonial history; security; law; social theory; risk; globalization; urbanism; the state; uncertainty; ethnography; science and technology; rights

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