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Expert ImageProfessor Sylvia Chant
Department of Geography and Environment; Gender Institute
Experience keywords: lone mother households; household livelihoods; masculinities; developing countries; housing; Mexico; Latin America; gender; urban informal economy; men; Costa Rica; Gambia; urbanisation; poverty; Philippines; feminisation of poverty; households; migration; development; family; youth

Expert ImageDr Emily Freeman
LSE Health; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: reproductive health; ageing; sexual health; demography; sociology of health; social identity; developing countries; anthropological demography; older age; global health; Africa; role identity; HIV/AIDS; qualitative methods

Expert ImageDr Shaffa Hameed
Department of Social Policy; LSE Health
Experience keywords: developing countries; reproductive health; social surveys; social policy; mixed methods research; sexual health; Islam and policymaking; policy analysis

Expert ImageMs Valentina Iemmi
Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU); Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: developing countries; mental health economics; maternal health; mental disabilities; mental health policy; poverty

Expert ImageDr Sunil Kumar
Asia Research Centre; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: NGO; construction labour; comparative urban housing policies; developing countries; urban politics; urban poverty; social policy; South Asia; low income housing processes; skills development; human settlement planning; Sub-Saharan Africa; participation; low income private landlords; human settlement development; social development; social housing

Expert ImageDr Tiziana Leone
LSE Health; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: reproductive health; population studies; health; demography; developing countries; demographic data; applied social statistics

Expert ImageDr Philipa Mladovsky
LSE Health; Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Ghana; social exclusion; migrant health; health financing; community health insurance; comparative health policy; European health systems; developing countries; Senegal; financial crisis; India; social capital

Expert ImageDr Divya Parmar
LSE Health and Social Care; Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: developing countries; economic evaluation; health systems research; healthcare financing; health insurance

Expert ImageMr Julius Sen
LSE Enterprise; International Trade Policy Unit
Experience keywords: political economy of economic reform; globalisation; trade and investment; developing countries; India: political management of economic reform; developing country coalitions in trade negotiations; developing country issues: developing countries in the international system; regional trade agreements; WTO; domestic and state policy issues in all areas of government; debt and policy reform; regulatory issues in international trade: trade policy capacity building; trade policy issues: international and regional; regional issues; international economic management; domestic trade policy making; dispute settlement

Expert ImageProfessor Ken Shadlen
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: business politics; patents; developing countries; international institutions; intellectual property rights; World Trade Organization (WTO); democratisation; politics; pharmaceuticals; Latin America; industrial policy; trade and industrial strategy; debt and developing countries

Expert ImageMs Gemma Williams
LSE Health
Experience keywords: migrant health; health inequalities; Health financing; social health protection; developing countries

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