Results for search term: democracy.

Expert ImageDr Mukulika Banerjee
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: democracy; elections; public culture; politics; popular perceptions of democracy

Expert ImageDr Chaloka Beyani
Centre for the Study of Human Rights; Department of Law
Experience keywords: mercenaries; migration; climate change; displaced persons; migrants; state authority; treaty-making; human rights; constitutional reform; humanitarian assistance; public international law; maritime disputes; displacement of populations; democracy; refugees; gender relations; human trafficking; territorial disputes; state responsibility

Expert ImageDr Bart Cammaerts
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: trans-nationalisation; social change and resistance; power; access; participation; alternative media; democracy; public sphere

Expert ImageDr Sara Hagemann
European Institute
Experience keywords: legislative behaviour; European politics; transparency; European Union; democracy

Expert ImageDr Jason Hickel
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: trade unions; xenophobia; violence; migration; democracy; African affairs; agriculture; liberalism; labour; political conflict; HIV/AIDS; economic development

Expert ImageDr Francisco Panizza
Department of Government; LSE IDEAS
Experience keywords: populism; Latin American Politics; politics and economy of the countries of Mercosur; politics and economic change; human rights; democracy; left of centre governments

Expert ImageDr Michael Wilkinson
Department of Law
Experience keywords: statehood; sovereignty; democracy; constitutionalism; legal and political theory; European integration

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