Expert Image Ms Emilie Courtin
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health and Social Care
Experience keywords: comparative social policy, mental health policy

Expert Image Dr Konstantina Davaki
LSE Health
Experience keywords: comparative social policy, equality, family policy, gender, mental health, violence against women, welfare

Expert Image Dr Timo Fleckenstein
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: comparative political economy, comparative social policy, family policy, labour market policy

Expert Image Dr Joanna Marczak
Department of Social Policy, Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)
Experience keywords: Gender equality, Polish migration, care workforce and migration, child bearing, comparative social policy, cross-national comparisons of social policies in Europe, family, gender equality, informal and formal care, comparative social policies in Europe, informal and formal care, informal care, long-term care, prevention in social care, long-term care, low fertility in Europe, low fertility, migration in the EU, migration within the EU, prevention in social care, social policies in Europe, wellbeing, work-family balance

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