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Expert ImageDr Timothy Hildebrandt
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS; LGBT; civil society; NGOs; development; social entrepreneurship; survey research; activism; environment; politics of China

Expert ImageProfessor Jude Howell
Department of International Development;
Experience keywords: Afghanistan; poverty reduction; politics of aid policy; civil society; labour issues; China; NGOs; governance; Kenya; India; development

Expert ImageDr Rachel Ibreck
Department of International Development; Justice and Security Research Programme
Experience keywords: political violence; transnational human rights activism; politics in sub-Saharan Africa; civil society; transitional justice; genocide; peace building; ethnic conflict

Expert ImageDr Armine Ishkanian
Department of Social Policy; Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit
Experience keywords: gender; post-Soviet transitions; South Caucasus; Armenia; civil society; NGOs; democracy-building; violence against women; international development

Expert ImageDr Kate Meagher
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: informal institutions; rural development; informal economy; non-state governance; Sub-Saharan Africa; West Africa; economic networks; Nigeria; enterprise clusters; civil society; non-farm economy

Expert ImageDr Claire Mercer
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: civil society; NGOs; African diaspora; Tanzania; Africa; development

Expert ImageDr Massoumeh Torfeh
Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Iran; democratisation processes; international media; press freedom; Afghanistan; strategic communication; Central Asia; Islamic extremism; civil society

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