Results for search term: citizenship.

Expert ImageDr Nick Anstead
Department of Media and Communications
Experience keywords: campaigning; internet; ePolitics; eCampaigning; elections; new media; citizenship; political parties; political participation

Expert ImageProfessor Emeritus Janet Coleman
Department of Government
Experience keywords: ancient Greek; medieval; medieval and renaissance intellectual history; genesis of the modern European state; theories of the state; property; rights theories; the history of western political thought; citizenship; ancient Greek and Roman political philosophy; Roman; renaissance; history of political thought; theories of property; history of philosophy

Expert ImageDr Justin Gest
Migration Studies Unit (Department of Government)
Experience keywords: integration; citizenship; identity politics; terrorism; migration; civic engagement; Islam; participation; Muslims in the West; globalisation; extremism

Expert ImageDr Dominik Hangartner
Department of Methodology
Experience keywords: program evaluation; immigration; applied causal inference; citizenship

Expert ImageDr Romola Sanyal
Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: refugees; urbanism; cities; humanitarian crises; violence; citizenship; housing

Expert ImageDr Austin Zeiderman
LSE Cities; Department of Geography and Environment
Experience keywords: disaster; environment; urban governance; development; citizenship; urban politics; race/ethnicity; cities; colonial and postcolonial history; security; law; social theory; risk; globalization; urbanism; the state; uncertainty; ethnography; science and technology; rights

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