Results for keyword: 'US foreign policy'

Expert Image Professor Chris Brown
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: British foreign policy, US foreign policy, ethics, global politics, globalisation, social justice, war crimes, war

Expert Image Dr Toby Dodge
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Foreign Policy Analysis, Iraqi Politics, Middle Eastern Politics, The politics of military intervention, US foreign policy

Expert Image Dr Spyros Economides
Department of International Relations, European Institute
Experience keywords: Balkans, EU foreign policy, European security, Greece, US foreign policy, foreign affairs, former Yugoslavia, southeast Europe

Expert Image Professor Matthew Jones
Department of International History
Experience keywords: Britain and South East Asia, Britain and nuclear weapons, British decolonization and the end of empire, British foreign and defence policy, US foreign policy, Vietnam War, nuclear history in the Cold War

Expert Image Dr John Kent
Centre for International Studies, Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: Britain, British Defence Policy, British foreign policy, France, Middle East, US foreign policy, cold war, decolonisation, diplomatic aspects, international aspects

Expert Image Dr Nicholas Kitchen
Experience keywords: American power, US foreign policy, grand strategy, international system, neoclassical realism, post-cold war

Expert Image Dr Alvaro Mendez
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: China in Latin America, Latin American Politics, Pacific Alliance, US Foreign Policy, foreign policy analysis, global south politics, political economy of development.

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