Results for search term: US foreign policy.

Expert ImageProfessor Chris Brown
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: global politics; globalisation; social justice; war crimes; British foreign policy; US foreign policy; war; ethics

Expert ImageDr Toby Dodge
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: The politics of military intervention; Iraqi Politics; Foreign Policy Analysis; US foreign policy; Middle Eastern Politics

Expert ImageDr Spyros Economides
Department of International Relations; European Institute
Experience keywords: Balkans; European security; southeast Europe; US foreign policy; foreign affairs; Greece; former Yugoslavia; EU foreign policy

Expert ImageProfessor Matthew Jones
Department of International History
Experience keywords: Vietnam War; nuclear history in the Cold War; British foreign and defence policy; British decolonization and the end of empire; Britain and South East Asia; Britain and nuclear weapons; US foreign policy

Expert ImageDr John Kent
Centre for International Studies; Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: France; US foreign policy; cold war; British foreign policy; Middle East; international aspects; diplomatic aspects; British Defence Policy; decolonisation; Britain

Expert ImageDr Nicholas Kitchen
Experience keywords: US foreign policy; grand strategy; international system; neoclassical realism; American power; post-cold war

Expert ImageDr Alvaro Mendez
Department of International Relations
Experience keywords: political economy of development.; Pacific Alliance; foreign policy analysis; US Foreign Policy; China in Latin America; global south politics; Latin American Politics

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